Eat Sleep Game Vinyl Decal


Eat Sleep Game Vinyl Decal


Eat Sleep Game Vinyl Decal


Use vinyl decals to decorate your space. Vinyl Decals allow you to decorate your walls, while knowing it’s easily removable. Design your walls, tables, laptops, cars, windows. Decorate for holidays with decals in your windows at home, allowing for easy removal after the holiday has past. Live in a dorm room? Give it flair with your own personality.

Once you’ve received your decals, rub over them with your hand or a plastic card (credit, debit, badges, etc). Design out where you’d like to put your vinyl decal and then peel back the transfer tape. Apply from one side of the decal to the other, and then rub over with your hand or card again. Remove transfer tape and enjoy your decal!

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10×3.9, 6×2.3, 8×3


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